Quality Over Quantity

As a small business, we understand the challenges that come with running a small business. Budgets are tight, employees wear multiple hats and time is limited, we understand entirely! As a small, content and marketing company we believe in approaching content and marketing campaigns that are inline with your business goals, 100% authentic and on budget.

A lot of marketing and content creation services believe in launching a million marketing campaigns and updating your business blog daily- we know that is not realistic for many businesses, including small business owners, nor is it the best approach when it comes to selling your products and services because too much content can overwhelm your reader and cause distrust.

We believe in quality over quantity!

Too many marketing campaigns send the wrong message:

For example, customer A has liked your Facebook page, subscribed to your newsletter, and follows your Instagram, but they haven’t placed an order. They are the buyer that is researching your products- seeing if it would be worth the investment, but all of a sudden they are getting an email a day and their social media is flooded with your social media ads which turns them off and they decide not to buy from you.

This example of marketing that is not conscious, nor authentic. Marketing that is in your face can cause distrust and turn off potential customers.

Social media overload:

When clients come to us, they are confused or overwhelmed about which social media accounts they should be on. First, it is important to remember as a business owner; you do not own social media nor how social media operates, which for business owners is tricky. Social media needs to be approached in a smart way with the understanding the content you publish on social media could be gone in a year, or it could be lost in a crowd of other businesses and ads.

Additionally, a lot of followers does not equal success, we believe in taking more of an organic approach towards social media growth vs. ads that gain followers- these followers tend not to be invested in your brand long term. We understand you want to get your information, products, and blogs in front of as many people as possible, but the concern should not be the number of people, but the right audience that is more finite than a broader demographic base.

When it comes to content and marketing, it is all about quality over quantity, brands that spread themselves thin on social media and content that is not thought out will drive business away. It is okay to be on only two social media platforms and update your blog once a week or every other week, do what works best for your business and budget. Just remember. However, you decide to approach social media and content, keep it consistent!