6 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

Blogs are no longer just for bloggers in the fashion and lifestyle world sharing their travels and latest fashion trends. Having a business blog is a valuable way to engage customers and potential customers by providing meaningful content about your products, services, and company updates. If you search your five favorite brands, most likely most or all of them have a blog. 


High quality, consistent content goes a long way when it comes to climbing the search engine ladder. Publishing content on a regular basis will reward your business's ranking which leads to higher website traffic, sales, and leads. Consistency is vital when it comes to blogging! 


What business doesn’t want more sales? According to a HubSpot report businesses with active blogs have more consistent sales! Need we say more.

Tell a Story

One way to build trust with your customers is to share your story. You don’t have to get too personal, but sharing the story behind the companies founding and making it relatable to readers will help to build trust and lifelong customers.

Cost Effective Marketing

Paid advertising can be expensive for small or new businesses starting out, and it does not guarantee leads, sales, or sign-ups. A blog is a great way to market your product/services for practically free. With the proper tagging, title and SEO plug-in your blog will bring in new leads in no time. 


Blog analytics give you a window into which content is performing, where visitors are clicking, and ultimately, if they purchase your product or service. Would this information help your business? 


It is important to know customer demographics and create content around different buyer personas. Each customer that visits your website is different; some want to see reviews, learn as much about your product while other customers hear about your product and instantly buy. A blog is a resourceful tool for different customers, meet each customer where they are at in the buying journey, educate them on your products/services, it helps to build trust without sounding too salsey.

If you are considering starting a blog or developing a more consistent content calendar for regular publishing, we can help. With market research about competitors and development of buyer personas, we will be able to deliver high- quality consistent content potential, and current customers can engage with. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation to learn more!