What is Authentic Marketing?

We’d say most people are put-off by pushy, salesy marketing campaigns. They are aggressive and often promise results that are not attainable. We’re going to let you in on a secret; we are put-off by salesy and pushy marketing campaigns too, that is why we are passionate about authentic marketing and content! 

Authentic Marketing is Not:

-Capitalizing on another business's marketing campaign

-Lying about services, value, and offerings

-Pushy and salesy

-Co-opting current movements for your gain

Authentic Marketing is:

-Staying true to your mission and brand

-Sharing your story

-Offering meaningful, useful and value-based content

-Sharing real results

Example of co-optive marketing:

We came across a social media post recently of a pizza restaurant using the hashtag #intuitiveeating, in the same post they also used #cleaneating. For those of you unfamiliar with intuitive eating, it is a principle that rejects diet-culture (clean eating), food shaming, and tapping into your innate intuition when it comes to eating. This is problematic marketing because the company is co-opting the anti-diet/body positive movement by capitalizing on a semi-popular hashtag. The hashtag is not authentic to the pizza restaurant’s brand and mission as they don't have a stand in the anti-diet, body-positive movement.

Where We Come in:

At AMS Creative Studio we believe in one type of marketing philosophy, authentic marketing. We will learn about the foundations of your business, what has and has not worked in the past when it comes to marketing, and your business goals. We will work with your company on attaining marketing goals through authentic marketing that showcases real experiences, stories, and delivering meaningful content to your readers and customers.

Authentic marketing builds trust with your readers and customers which helps to develop life-long customers! 

If you are interested in working with us on building your business in a sustainable way through authentic marketing, schedule a free consultation.